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Maskād® Frequently Asked Questions

Maskād is a 2-step approach to elevating post procedure care. Maskād Professional Post procedure mask is designed to be used in the office immediately following a treatment while Maskād At-Home continues the recovery process after the patient leaves the office.

The three-layer, two-piece masks are specifically designed to cool and calm the skin following facial aesthetic procedures such as micro needling, lasers, chemical peels and more.  Additionally, Maskād delivers topical ingredients such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), exosomes, growth factors and hyaluronic acid.

The patent-pending design literally removes the heat from the face – reducing discomfort and downtime.  

Three reasons why you want to offer Maskād®:
  1. Improved Patient Satisfaction
  2. Optimal Patient Outcomes
  3. Increased revenue
In addition, Maskād provides instant cooling relief to post procedure faces, helps encourage healing, and reduces redness. It pairs best with topical serums like our Hydrating Serum, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), exosomes and growth factors.

Maskād’s cooling nature leads to improved patient satisfaction and optimal patient outcomes following treatments such as micro needling, laser, Radio Frequency (RF) Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and facial injections.

Maskād Professional works by being applied to a patient’s post-procedure face to provide cooling relief. It works best when paired with a topical ingredient, like our own Hydrating Serum, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), exosomes and growth factors.

Maskād at-home is used the next day and applied by the patient’s face to continue the recovery process.

The professional mask only features Highly Purified Water (HPW) to deliver topicals to irritated skin. The At-Home mask features HPW along with Arnica (for anti-bruising), Vitamin E (to moisturize and strengthen skin barrier function), Chamomile-Hydrosol (to help reduce irritation and soothe skin), Green Tea Extract (to reduce redness and irritation while moisturizing skin), and Hyaluronic Acid (to keep skin hydrated).

Maskād professional is designed to be used in-office after treatments like micro-needling, laser, IPL, and anything else that may make patient skin uncomfortable.

The at-home mask continues the recovery process in the comfort of the patient’s home. They can easily apply the mask the very next day on their own to continue delivering cooling support.

Maskād should be used because there is nothing like it on the market. The three layer designed traps and releases heated caused by procedures, ultimately leaving your patients with a better outcome faster. It provides nearly instant relief to patients and gets them on with their day fasting, clearing up your chair for its next procedure faster.  

The patent-pending two step approach is specifically designed to be used with topical ingredients like Platelet Rich Plasma, exosomes, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid. The two-step approach allows for care to be given in office with the professional mask, and the second step continues care at home with Maskād At-Home.

One of the main benefits are the contoured face design which allows for the patient in-office or at home to move around and continue with their day, freeing up your chair for its next patient quicker.

To protect the mask and the patient. There is the clear inner-liner which protects the actual face mask from impurities. The second layer is the actual mask that is placed on the face with topicals. It is a proprietary dry hydrogel formulation that is designed to provide a protective barrier and traps heat. Finally, there is the outer blue liner that provides a secondary cooling effect. 


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