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Three Reasons I love using Maskād® after Microneedling

I am such a skincare lover! I visit my aesthetician as often as possible, trying any treatments she thinks I could benefit from. I saw so many benefits with microneedling as it’s helped me so much with some scarring I had on my skin. Once I started microneedling, my skin would get really red and hot right after the procedure. I love microneedling’s benefits but it was almost to the point that it was too much for me to handle… until I met Maskād.

My aesthetician used to give me an ice pack my face after needling and send me on my way. One day she placed a serum and the post-procedure mask on me and I was shocked!

Instant Cooling Effect

My face was so hot and red but once the mask was applied, I felt an instant sense of relief. The cooling was instant and I felt             immediately better. A few minutes later, she removed the blue liner that sits on top of the mask. It was almost as if a bunch of heat was trapped in the blue part, and once removed, all the heat went with it. It’s amazing. It even worked the next day when I applied the At Home mask. Even though most of the heat was gone from the day before, the At Home mask provided additional cooling and further reduction of redness the next day.

Reduces Redness

I have really sensitive skin so whenever I get microneedled, I leave super red but I love the benefits micro-needling delivers so for me it’s worth it. Enter Maskād! My aesthetician used it on me one day post-procedure and I was hooked. The blue part trapped all of the heat and took it with it as it was removed.

Two Step Approach

‘I love Maskād Professional Post Procedure mask because my aesthetician puts it on me after a treatment in the office when my face is hot, red, and in serious pain. I leave the office with the clear mask on my face and take off the mask when I feel like it because there is no time limit and it stays on my face while I move around. The next day my face is usually still red or pink and I apply Maskad Hydrating Serum with the At Home mask for continued comfort and optimal results. I usually leave it on for 20 minutes or more depending on my mood!

Overall, the two masks after microneedling are so cooling and calming. They’ve made such a huge difference in my healing process. I would request Maskād from any aesthetician I ever visited!

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