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Three Reasons You Should Use Maskād® After Microneedling
  1. Delivers Ingredients Deeper

Microneedling ablates the skin and leaves tiny little channels in the skin. This is the perfect time to feed the skin with ingredients. When the skin is freshly microneedled, it’s the perfect time to apply topical ingredients like PRP and Hyaluronic Acid to the skin. The ingredients perform better and are more beneficial when placed onto Maskād and then onto the skin because it creates a seal of benefits. 

  1. Delivers Instant Cooling Sensation

Anyone who’s ever been microneedled knows it leaves your skin red, hot, and irritated. Maskād Professional was designed specifically to cool the skin upon contact. It instantly reduces redness and makes the skin less irritated. The top layer traps heat and once that layer is removed, it takes the trapped heat out with it.

  1. Frees up your chair for its next patient

Maskād leaves your patient completely mobile. There is no need for them to wait in your chair. Upon application, the patient can get up, walk around, and even drive home right then. It stays easily on the skin and delivers benefits and reduces heat all while they continue their day and so do you. You can instantly see your next patient or client all while your first patient is getting benefits and healing.

  1. Can be followed up with Maskād At-Home and Hydrating Serum the next day for continued relief.

Maskād was designed to be used in the office but also to continue the next day(s) at-home. The patient can wear the professional mask for hours, if they choose. Then the next day they can put on the at-home mask and Maskad hydrating serum or their serum of choice at home. It’s so easy and safe to use! 


Overall, Maskād is designed to be paired with microneedling and your topical ingredient of choice. It’s perfect to support healing and reducing redness on contact.


For more on Maskād and its many benefits, please refer to our website, and/or schedule an online demonstration at


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