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Three Serums You Probably Already Have that Pair Perfectly with Maskād® At-Home

So… you just got microneedled or any other treatment on your face that leaves you hot, red, and irritated? Well, for your sake, I hope your aesthetician or doctor sent you home with a few Maskād At Home Masks… By dotting your favorite serum all over the mask and then applying to your face, it will deliver the benefits of the serum while calming and cooling your healing skin. Got to How to At Home for instructions.



Maskād® Hydrating Serum

Naturally, the very best pairing for Maskād At-Home will be the Hydrating Serum. They are the perfect match! The hydrating serum can further seep into the skin and leave it feeling even more hydrated.


Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intense Hydration Serum

Another great option for a clean hydrating serum is the one from Drunk Elephant. One or two pumps smeared all over Maskād At-Home will make the mask stick easily to the skin and deliver hydration and cooling with the mask.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum

This serum from First Aid Beauty is a great option (if you don’t have access to Maskād’s Hydrating Serum, of course) to pair with Maskād At Home face mask. The nature of Maskād is to continue healing skin and so are the ingredients in this serum. It features hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides, and colloidal oatmeal. All of these deliver benefits to ablated skin in a really clean way that will promote healing and benefits.


Overall, of course the best serum to pair with Maskād At-Home is the Maskād Hydrating Serum. If that is not currently available to you but the At-Home mask is, try pairing it with one of these easy-to-come-by serums from Sephora. They’re both really clean and will deliver hydration and other benefits to your freshly micro-needled face.


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