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Maskād Professional Post Procedure Mask Soothes and Cools Skin

Maskād’s Professional Post Procedure Mask is restorative, and helps to cool and calm skin following aesthetic facial procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Designed to provide comfort for sensitive or stressed skin following treatments such as: microneedling, laser, Radio Frequency (RF), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), chemical peels, microdermabrasion and facial injections.
  • Proprietary “dry” hydrogel formulation allows for cooling, and provides immediate relief without the mess of a traditional, sheet mask.
  • Highly effective mask creates a protective barrier that helps reduce pain by more than 60%.
  • Unique three-layer hydrogel mask absorbs heat to provide immediate relief. The top blue liner can be removed for a secondary cooling effect.
  • Contoured two-piece design can be adjusted to fit most face shapes and sizes for optimal outcomes.
  • Contoured face design allows your patient to sit up and move while Maskād works its magic!
  • Helps aid in the delivery of topical ingredients.

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FEATURED ON LIPGLOSS AND AFTERSHAVE Maskād’s Cooling Hydrogel Infusion Mask

If you’re looking for something to cool and calm skin after clinical or medical aesthetic treatments – this hydrogel infusion mask is the ticket! Directly after your microneedling, laser treatments, or chemical peels you can apply peptide-rich, exosomes or growth factor serums and then seal them in with this amazing post treatment tool!

Maskād® Deliver + Renew Professional Hydrogel Infusion Face Mask infuses topical serums into your skin helping to achieve your skin care goals. Our sleek face mask is designed to be used at home to create your own spa experience. Pair it with Maskād® Hydrating Serum, Maskād® Anti-aging Serum AKA The Peptide Bomb, or your serum of choice for enhanced results. Use 1-2 times per week for optimal benefits!

importance of PH


Benefits of balancing pH following a facial aesthetic treatment?

If you were to ask yourself what the optimal pH is for a cosmetic topical after an aesthetic procedure, you will find that the answer is surprisingly simple if you want the short answer, and not so simple if you want the long answer. If you want the short answer, skip to the end of this article, and if you want the long answer, read on.

While normal healthy skin has a slightly acid pH value of between 4 and 6, it can change when it is sunburnt, bruised, exfoliated, or even from things we eat. Also, as we get older our average skin pH gets closer to 6, but when our skin is injured as previously mentioned, it shifts to a higher value, sometimes getting as high as 10 when the injury is bad, like a scalding burn or deep graze. In essence, injured or damaged skin has a higher pH value.

But what if your skin has a high pH when it is not injured? Well, high pH skin, that stays high even without injury, is a sign that something is wrong. The problems with ‘high pH skin’ are that your natural enzymes stop functioning, and your skin becomes vulnerable to infection by microbes. This can delay rejuvenation, increase inflammation, or even cause scarring.

But when your skin is injured, high pH is not bad. It is a natural process that speeds up the healing of tissue. Now here’s the catch-22, many studies show that if the pH gets too high after injury, the skin is too slow to heal. It is in your best interest to avoid any product that raises your skin’s pH following cosmetic treatments, to get a good collagen balance, and to show off your new skin, as soon as possible.

When you get a facial aesthetic treatment, you are deliberately creating micro-injury to the skin to switch on the rejuvenating powers that normally lay dormant. The awakening of your cells triggers the production of new collagen to reverse wrinkles and grow new veins, to restore your youthful glow.

Also when your skin pH gets above 6 an enzyme called collagenase is enabled, which degrades some of your existing collagen. So, in cases of micro-injury, on one hand, you are growing collagen, and on the other, you are losing some too. But this process is not as scary as it sounds, because the process of ‘restructuring’ your skin depends on the ability to cycle the collagen fibers, to reduce the appearance of scars, and to get your skin to look even and in good shape.

Now imagine you can have a facial aesthetic treatment that is superior to your previous experiences, with everything to gain and nothing to lose. Stronger effects with less down-time! This may be the future of facial aesthetics, and science is starting to say it’s true.

So here is the answer to the pH question! After facial aesthetic treatment, your skin pH increases as part of a necessary process to start making necessary repairs. You will be happy to know that it is better to simply NOT interfere at all with the natural process. You should neither raise nor lower your skin’s pH when it is reacting to micro-injury, just let it do what it does naturally. That is why our mad products maintain a neutral pH, which is at 7. We prefer to let nature take its course!

Meet The Founders of WETHRIVV™ – the makers of Maskād® Professional and At Home Post Procedure Face Masks.


Meet the power couple behind Maskād! The husband-wife duo combined their skillsets in science and beauty to bring you the best mask on the market in post-procedure care.


Amy Batra

With over 20 years of experience in the aesthetic and regenerative medicine space, Amy found a gap in the market for the perfect mask to combine with facial aesthetic procedures that leave skin red, hot and irritated. Amy spent the early days of the pandemic creating the perfect face mask to complement procedures like microneedling and laser.  Amy has worked much of her career in aesthetics so she has more than enough experience to create the next big product which is exactly what she’s done in Maskād.

“Our skillsets really complement each other, and we challenge ourselves to be innovative and develop brands that will stand the test of time.  People may wonder how we can spend so much time together, working hard and playing hard, but for us we have just found a formula that makes us happy.”

  • Amy Batra

Sanjay Batra

Sanjay Batra, PhD, FACC has had experience in the medical field all of his career and the natural next step is to continue within aesthetics to develop products. He has worked with Amy to develop Maskād and has also created a hair growth product, REVIVV™ For Her and For Him. The hair serum stimulates hair growth and improves the appearance of hair and its thickness. Dr. Batra is well known for the work he has done in regenerative medicine – specifically as it relates to Platelet-rich Plasma for hair restoration and facial aesthetics.


“Working with your best friend and life partner is sort of like a dream come true.  The person I wake up with every morning is the same person that I work with all day long.  I really don’t believe in boundaries.  I love what I do and working with Amy creates an amazing environment to have fun and create great products for our customers”


For more on Maskād and its many benefits, please refer to our

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Three Serums You Probably Already Have that Pair Perfectly with Maskād®At-Home

Three Serums You Probably Already Have that Pair Perfectly with Maskād® At-Home

So… you just got microneedled or any other treatment on your face that leaves you hot, red, and irritated? Well, for your sake, I hope your aesthetician or doctor sent you home with a few Maskād At Home Masks… By dotting your favorite serum all over the mask and then applying to your face, it will deliver the benefits of the serum while calming and cooling your healing skin. Got to How to At Home for instructions.



Maskād® Hydrating Serum

Naturally, the very best pairing for Maskād At-Home will be the Hydrating Serum. They are the perfect match! The hydrating serum can further seep into the skin and leave it feeling even more hydrated.


Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intense Hydration Serum

Another great option for a clean hydrating serum is the one from Drunk Elephant. One or two pumps smeared all over Maskād At-Home will make the mask stick easily to the skin and deliver hydration and cooling with the mask.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum

This serum from First Aid Beauty is a great option (if you don’t have access to Maskād’s Hydrating Serum, of course) to pair with Maskād At Home face mask. The nature of Maskād is to continue healing skin and so are the ingredients in this serum. It features hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides, and colloidal oatmeal. All of these deliver benefits to ablated skin in a really clean way that will promote healing and benefits.


Overall, of course the best serum to pair with Maskād At-Home is the Maskād Hydrating Serum. If that is not currently available to you but the At-Home mask is, try pairing it with one of these easy-to-come-by serums from Sephora. They’re both really clean and will deliver hydration and other benefits to your freshly micro-needled face.


For more on Maskād and its many benefits, please refer to our website, proo.wpengine.com and/or schedule an online demonstration at https://pro.maskad.co/book-a-demo/.


Three Reasons You Should Use Maskād® After Microneedling

Three Reasons You Should Use Maskād® After Microneedling
  1. Delivers Ingredients Deeper

Microneedling ablates the skin and leaves tiny little channels in the skin. This is the perfect time to feed the skin with ingredients. When the skin is freshly microneedled, it’s the perfect time to apply topical ingredients like PRP and Hyaluronic Acid to the skin. The ingredients perform better and are more beneficial when placed onto Maskād and then onto the skin because it creates a seal of benefits. 

  1. Delivers Instant Cooling Sensation

Anyone who’s ever been microneedled knows it leaves your skin red, hot, and irritated. Maskād Professional was designed specifically to cool the skin upon contact. It instantly reduces redness and makes the skin less irritated. The top layer traps heat and once that layer is removed, it takes the trapped heat out with it.

  1. Frees up your chair for its next patient

Maskād leaves your patient completely mobile. There is no need for them to wait in your chair. Upon application, the patient can get up, walk around, and even drive home right then. It stays easily on the skin and delivers benefits and reduces heat all while they continue their day and so do you. You can instantly see your next patient or client all while your first patient is getting benefits and healing.

  1. Can be followed up with Maskād At-Home and Hydrating Serum the next day for continued relief.

Maskād was designed to be used in the office but also to continue the next day(s) at-home. The patient can wear the professional mask for hours, if they choose. Then the next day they can put on the at-home mask and Maskad hydrating serum or their serum of choice at home. It’s so easy and safe to use! 


Overall, Maskād is designed to be paired with microneedling and your topical ingredient of choice. It’s perfect to support healing and reducing redness on contact.


For more on Maskād and its many benefits, please refer to our website, proo.wpengine.com and/or schedule an online demonstration at https://pro.maskad.co/book-a-demo/.

Three Reasons I love using Maskād® after Microneedling

Three Reasons I love using Maskād® after Microneedling

I am such a skincare lover! I visit my aesthetician as often as possible, trying any treatments she thinks I could benefit from. I saw so many benefits with microneedling as it’s helped me so much with some scarring I had on my skin. Once I started microneedling, my skin would get really red and hot right after the procedure. I love microneedling’s benefits but it was almost to the point that it was too much for me to handle… until I met Maskād.

My aesthetician used to give me an ice pack my face after needling and send me on my way. One day she placed a serum and the post-procedure mask on me and I was shocked!

Instant Cooling Effect

My face was so hot and red but once the mask was applied, I felt an instant sense of relief. The cooling was instant and I felt             immediately better. A few minutes later, she removed the blue liner that sits on top of the mask. It was almost as if a bunch of heat was trapped in the blue part, and once removed, all the heat went with it. It’s amazing. It even worked the next day when I applied the At Home mask. Even though most of the heat was gone from the day before, the At Home mask provided additional cooling and further reduction of redness the next day.

Reduces Redness

I have really sensitive skin so whenever I get microneedled, I leave super red but I love the benefits micro-needling delivers so for me it’s worth it. Enter Maskād! My aesthetician used it on me one day post-procedure and I was hooked. The blue part trapped all of the heat and took it with it as it was removed.

Two Step Approach

‘I love Maskād Professional Post Procedure mask because my aesthetician puts it on me after a treatment in the office when my face is hot, red, and in serious pain. I leave the office with the clear mask on my face and take off the mask when I feel like it because there is no time limit and it stays on my face while I move around. The next day my face is usually still red or pink and I apply Maskad Hydrating Serum with the At Home mask for continued comfort and optimal results. I usually leave it on for 20 minutes or more depending on my mood!

Overall, the two masks after microneedling are so cooling and calming. They’ve made such a huge difference in my healing process. I would request Maskād from any aesthetician I ever visited!

For more on Maskād and its many benefits, please refer to our website, proo.wpengine.com and/or schedule an online demonstration at https://pro.maskad.co/book-a-demo/.

At-Home Treatments that Pair Perfectly with Maskād®At Home

At-Home Treatments that Pair Perfectly with Maskād® At Home

Any form of At Home treatments can be paired with Maskād. It gently guides the skin towards healing after any procedure you can do at home.

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

This three-minute LED mask targets fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. Additionally, it could leave skin hot after the treatment. Maskād At-Home can reduce that heat. The treatment is only a few minutes long, but Maskād At-Home will support the irritated skin and reduce any residual redness. The three-layer design traps any heat that comes from using spectralite will be resolved quickly.

Dermaflash LUXE Anti-Aging Dermaplaning Exfoliation Device

Dermaplaning is the action of removing “peachfuzz” from your face in order to deeper exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation can leave the skin slightly irritated and it is the perfect time to add a serum. Pairing it with Maskād Hydrating Serum and At-Home face mask will allow the skin to start healing easily and quickly.

Stacked Skincare Micro Needling Tool

Just like when you get microneedled in your aesthetician’s office, you can do a less intense version with a tool at home. This tool allows you to do a lighter version of what your esthetician or doctor would do.  Right after using Stacked Skincare Micro Needling Tool, you can apply a serum and a Maskād At-Home mask for the best outcomes. Microneedling can leave your face red, hot and uncomfortable and the nature of the treatment is to do a little damage so applying a serum to Maskād At Home and applying to your face will make your skin feel like new!

Maskād isn’t just for your aesthetician, nurse or doctor.  Maskād will help nourish and restore skin following any kind of at-home treatment.

For more on Maskād and its many benefits, please refer to our website, proo.wpengine.com and/or schedule an online demonstration at https://pro.maskad.co/book-a-demo/.

What is DryMasking and Which Treatments Are Best Suited?

What is DryMasking and Which Treatments Are Best Suited?

Dry masking uses a mask that is physically dry (instead of wet with serum and other ingredients) to deliver the ingredients of your choice after treatments that leave skin irritated. Our masks, Maskād® Professional and At Home Post Procedure Face Masks are specifically designed to deliver topical ingredients as well as cool and calm skin following a facial aesthetic procedure. One great feature is that the masks conform to the face and allow your patients to become completely mobile after in-office treatments.   

The benefits of dry masking are:

  • It’s not wet, messy, or drippy
  • Ability to multi-task while using the mask
  • Additional ingredients can be placed onto the mask to deliver even more benefits
  • Some can be combined with topical serums
  • Some dry masks are used as a stand alone
  • Fewer ingredients; less filler ingredients and optimal results


Micro-needling involves pricking the skin of the face with tiny sterile needles, causing an injury to the area followed by a healing process – stimulating collagen and elastin. This method is used in treatment of acne, hair-loss, dark spots, pore size, scarring, stretch marks, and sun damage. Micro-needling leaves the face feeling red, hot and irritated. Once the procedure is finished, the face is desperate for cooling relief. Maskād provides this perfect relief with the three-layer design that is specifically designed to trap and release heat. 


Also known as Laser Skin Resurfacing, this treatment is meant to treat aging, acne or sun scars. Laser removes a layer of skin, of course leaving your patient red, hot, and irritated. As previously mentioned, Maskād traps the heat using the three-layer design. By leaving the mask on for five minutes and then removing the blue liner, all of the trapped heat will be removed, leaving your patient feeling cool and refreshed after an intense treatment.   


An abrasive instrument exfoliates the face to promote new cell generation. This leaves the skin in major need of soothing and cooling. Maskād provides instant cooling relief to the newly exfoliated or ablated skin using the three-layer system. 

All of these in-office treatments are designed to “injure” the skin with the intention of improvement. Maskād provides cooling and calming plus the benefits of any topical ingredients you like to pair with these treatments, like Maskād Hydrating Serum. The cooling sensation from the mask allows the skin to breath while promoting its healing. It also frees up your chair, making the patient instantly mobile after application, allow for its next patient to come into the chair.